Heart-centered coaching


Are you ready for change, ready to grow and find your way back home to you? Is it time for you to drop the masks that you’ve been hiding behind and find confidence in your authentic self?

Working with me on a 1:1 basis you’ll have all the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to make lasting changes. I work with people who perhaps for the first time, are ready to make time and invest in themselves. Whether it’s family or a career you’ve been prioritising up until now, I’m here to help you find your power and start living the life you deserve.

Compassion and empathy are at the heart of my coaching approach. With understanding, acceptance and non judgement I will help you shift to a place of no longer needing the behaviours or habits that once served you well. I will help you see a new way forward and with increased self awareness and self compassion you’ll be motivated to care for yourself differently and create real lasting changes.

Because I’ve walked this path I can see the possibility in you where you may not yet see it yourself. I know first hand that recovery and healing are always possible. We will be on this journey together and I’ll guide you through it. I will hold you through the difficult moments and celebrate your victories. I am here to guide and empower you to take the action that will become life-changing. I look forward to working with you soon x


A somatic based therapeutic approach for you to deep dive in to your self discovery and healing process. During these one to one sessions you will be held with gentleness, compassion, and non-judgement in order to…

  • Become more present in your life.
  • Connect with the wisdom of your body.
  • Access emotional states through awareness of your body.
  • Understand what is not being expressed and why.
  • Gain awareness of your beliefs, sensations, emotions and interpretations.
  • Feel and release what has been supressed.
  • Give voice to what remains unexpressed.
  • Understand your behavioural patterns and habits and addictions.
  • Discover and nurture your authentic self.
  • Connect to your truth and power in the present moment.
  • Become free from self-generated suffering and gain insight,
    clarity, and choice in your behaviour.

60 minutes Zoom OR in person – £60


Life coaching for those who are ready to take action to become the truest version of themselves. For anyone wanting to reclaim their life as a sober person, own and enjoy midlife, or from patterns of behaviour like people pleasing and masking. This is where we take a complete 360 degree look at your life, focusing on areas to increase happiness and contentment. I use a blend of coaching tools with the Compassionate Inquiry approach, developed by Dr Gabor Mate.

  • Each session will begin with an invitation to do a grounding exercise.
  • We’ll use coaching tools like the Wheel of Life, for health and happiness.
  • Create a personalised action plan in each session.
  • Explore and work with core beliefs.
  • Learn how to nurture yourself and find radical self compassion.
  • Develop a new loving self-talk and positive self-regard.
  • Identify manageable steps towards positive change.

60 minutes Zoom OR in person – £60