Menopause, a curse or an invitation to heal?

Menopause is a powerful rite of passage and offers us the opportunity to transform, to rise. To step into our power and bloom, It is incredibly freeing. The road may not be smooth my loves, but if we embrace it, get ourselves informed and resourced as best we can… we can do more than just survive it. We can flourish and thrive. We can lean in to the wisdom and allow it to teach us, to show us where we need to heal. […]

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What Do I Need? Really?

One of the most important questions we need to keep asking ourselves on our road to recovery is this, ‘what do I need?’ Then we should probably follow that up with ‘No, what do I REALLY need?’ because if we are in the early days of living without an addictive behavior, the first answer might just be that thing that we’re moving away from. […]

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Sober Summer Survival Tips

Summer is one of the classic times for people to have a reoccurrence of their old drinking habits. For grey area drinkers, particularly those that haven’t experienced a rock bottom and who don’t identify with the ‘alcoholic’ label it can be a minefield of well meaning friends and family coercing us to have ‘just one’. […]

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My Recovery

Hello loves, it’s been a while! I’ve just written a post for my FB community group and it occurred to me that the words might make a good blog post too, why not hey. Over the last few months and now that I’m 6 years 1 month and 1 day sober….. a total of 2,222 […]

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Are you dancin’?

If you know me from my social media accounts you’ll know that I probably am. I’m currently away at Centerparcs, while I was standing in a queue for coffee I found myself bouncing along to the music playing in the background, the Gladys Knight and The Pips version of I Heard It Through The Grapevine… […]

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Connection, Parenting and Love

Such beautiful wisdom this is. The thought of a child ‘resting in love’ is so beautiful to me. How many of us as children, couldn’t truly rest or relax in it for fear of it being pulled away, because we hadn’t met the conditions it had been attached to. Or because love felt by the […]

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Slip Ups & Radical Self Compassion

COMPASSION LOOKS LIKE: Me to my kids when they mess up or make a mistake: “It’s okay sweetheart don’t worry, i know this is difficult. You might not be there just yet but you’re learning so many new skills. What did you find hard this time? How can i help you with that? Do you […]

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