Connection, Parenting and Love

Such beautiful wisdom this is. The thought of a child ‘resting in love’ is so beautiful to me. How many of us as children, couldn’t truly rest or relax in it for fear of it being pulled away, because we hadn’t met the conditions it had been attached to. Or because love felt by the […]

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Diving in headfirst, is there any other way?

This is where my childhood trauma begins to unfold. Amid the turbulence of my midlife, during a pandemic, without an anesthetic. While I’m grieving the slow and gradual loss of our mum to Alzheimers’ Disease and guiding two of my sons through their teenage years. It is altogether the most beautiful, painful, exhausting and profound time in my life and although sometimes it feels incredibly heavy, I am filled with gratitude and a deep well of love. […]

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