What Do I Need? Really?

One of the most important questions we need to keep asking ourselves on our road to recovery is this, ‘what do I need?’ Then we should probably follow that up with ‘No, what do I REALLY need?’ because if we are in the early days of living without an addictive behavior, the first answer might just be that thing that we’re moving away from. […]

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Diving in headfirst, is there any other way?

This is where my childhood trauma begins to unfold. Amid the turbulence of my midlife, during a pandemic, without an anesthetic. While I’m grieving the slow and gradual loss of our mum to Alzheimers’ Disease and guiding two of my sons through their teenage years. It is altogether the most beautiful, painful, exhausting and profound time in my life and although sometimes it feels incredibly heavy, I am filled with gratitude and a deep well of love. […]

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