What Do I Need? Really?

One of the most important questions we need to keep asking ourselves on our road to recovery is this, ‘what do I need?’ Then we should probably follow that up with ‘No, what do I REALLY need?’ because if we are in the early days of living without an addictive behavior, the first answer might just be that thing that we’re moving away from. […]

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Sober Summer Survival Tips

Summer is one of the classic times for people to have a reoccurrence of their old drinking habits. For grey area drinkers, particularly those that haven’t experienced a rock bottom and who don’t identify with the ‘alcoholic’ label it can be a minefield of well meaning friends and family coercing us to have ‘just one’. […]

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Slip Ups & Radical Self Compassion

COMPASSION LOOKS LIKE: Me to my kids when they mess up or make a mistake: “It’s okay sweetheart don’t worry, i know this is difficult. You might not be there just yet but you’re learning so many new skills. What did you find hard this time? How can i help you with that? Do you […]

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